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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

Competition Videos - Sparring / Forms / Interviews

Kapow TV has captured multiple Martial Arts Competition and Demonstration videos filmed around Australia and across the globe featuring all styles and associations / promoters. We cover every promoter / association event upon request. Some of the competition circuits are: National All Styles (NAS), World All Styles Orginisation (WASO), International Sport Karate / Kickboxing Association (ISKA), World Martial Arts Games (WMAG), Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC), Kobe Osaka Karate (KOE) Australian Karate Federation (AKF), World Karate Conferderation, (WKC), The Gathering John Will - BJJ, Pan Pacs BJJ, Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Peter de Been, Australian Kyokushinkai Karate Association (AKKA), Wushu & Tai Chi Pratitioners Association, Loong Fu Pai - Terry Lim, Lion Bushido - David Snell to name a few of the larger ones.

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