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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

Colin Handley of the Stunt Academy has been working in the martial arts, acting and stunt worlds for many years. During this time he has training thousands of people in martial arts, stunt training and acting putting them through paces to help them achieve their goals.

Australia’s Stunt Academy provides professional stuntman training and is a world leader for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed stunt courses. . In addition, our globally renowned skill development stunt courses are therefore suitable for new and established stunt performers, stunt doubles, stunt riggers, stunt coordinators, and stunt actors.

Furthermore, for nearly 25 years, the iconic Academy has successfully operated elite stunt schools at exceptional global locations. The One Day Stunt Academy includes our elite Commando Obstacle Course, Fight Choreography, Samurai Swordplay and Flying on Wires like Crouching Tiger, High Falls and advanced Rapelling.

What many people don't know about Colin Handley - This is a snap shot in time (up to 1988)
* 9 - Times Australian Taekwondo Heavyweight Champion
* He had appear in multiple movies / tv commercial in fact over 60 shows
Some of the movies: Gym Kata, Lethal Weapon, Rocky IV, No Retreat No Surrender, Sidekicks, Commando to mention a few.

Action Star - is proud to have Colin and the Stunt Academy as a key sponsor / supporter and Judge (Stunt Trainer). Colin is providing the winners with a number of 'One Day Courses' and Two x Two Week Courses to fully hone their skills and get them ready for their up coming film roles.

Check out the Stunt Academy's Website: http://stuntpark.com.au/



Working with the Best in the Business 

Fortunate to meet one of his screen idols, Chuck Norris, they trained together at a local gym. Chuck was impressed with Colin’s technique and screen presence, and encouraged him to move to Hollywood, California, USA which he did in 1984 to pursue a stunt and acting career. Recent stunt training news about inspirational Chuck Norris. 

Colin landed several acting and stunt roles on General Hospital, Santa Barbara, Magnum PI, Baywatch, and a string of movies and TV shows. His acting and stunt career in California enabled Colin to work alongside some of his greatest heroes including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Damme, and David Hasselhoff, to name a few. 

You may remember Colin as the American Millionaire, Mark Granger in Channel 10’s successful TV Soap, Neighbours. It wasn’t long before the Colin Handley talents were again recognized and his acting career started to flourish. Colin scored series regular roles in Paradise Beach, Pacific Drive and Time Trax. These productions were filmed at Warner Bros, Gold Coast. 

Stunt Performers are Made not Born 

In 1990, Colin Handley had a vision to open a world class stunt instruction facility. The Stunt Academy was born! In 2015, Colin’s vision to launch an all encompassing stunts based, action packed attraction, Stunt Park, was realised. 

Colin strongly believes that stunts are a very important aspect of film making. Attitude, fitness, courage, knowledge and skills play significant roles in performing stunts successfully. This requires specialised techniques. World class stunt skills training is essential to learn these techniques. Entertainment industry stunts have advanced rapidly due to new technology that makes stunts appear realistic. Colin Handley, Stunt Park Founder and stunt training instructor, is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of stunt performers. 



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