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Peter Mylonas

Peter Mylonas equally balanced in martial arts, business and family is a great asset for the Action Star Project.

Peter Mylonas is known as “Kancho” - meaning Director (the highest position of a karate organisation). He is Australia’s leading Kenpo Karate Instructor and one the of key leaders of Martial Arts in Australia; training in excess of 35 years in the one art - Kenpo. He is one of the longest single style karate men of his generation - he is Kenpo through and through.

He has been acknowledged by Japanese Karate teachers, international Kempo teachers and travels multiple times per year to Japan for tournaments and training.  Kancho Mylonas pays tribute to his Sensei -  Bob Wright for his early days in Kenpo training and still maintains contact with him, a relationship extending in excess of 35 years.

Not only being the Founder, Chairman & Chief Instructor of Kenpo Ryu, is also Australia's leading Judge & Referee of Martial Arts Tournaments & Publisher of Inside Martial Arts Magazine. Known as the ‘best of the best’ of judges & referees, unbiased, fast and sharp; he has dedicated himself in promoting and helping others promote Martial Arts via tournaments and to develop their Dojo structures. He teaches full time at his Hombu Dojo in Sydney, Australia.

  • A 7th Dan in Kenpo Ryu Karate and head of Kenpo Ryu Karate International, Kancho Peter is in demand to share his knowledge of the martial arts. Whether from within his own organisation on a domestic as well as international front or by external organisations, he is continually requested to spread his ever expansive experiences.
  • As a sports promoter, Peter has again developed an enviable reputation for uncompromising quality in both the domestic and international arenas. From early beginnings holding events for his own organisation back in the 1990’s he heads up the prestigious World Martial Arts Championships (WMAC) organisation, hosting regular events throughout much of Australasia. WMAC is the only Australian based organisation which hosts regular international events in several countries which is testament to Peter’s reputation for quality and consistency.
  • With decades in executive roles within the financial industry Peter has over 20 years SME Banking and CEO capacity, advisory and experience. Key in realising enterprise goals and planning for succession and longevity. Peter Mylonas brings a wealth of business acumen to the Action Star team combined with his passion for all things martial arts, his love of the theatrical and his indelible belief in all things Budo.




Peter Mylonas Chief Instructor

AMAC Team in office

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