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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

Create Your Promo or Instructional Video

Producing Instructional Videos – We can create instructional videos either in our studio (special effects green room or traditional Asia dojo style) or we can come to you.

Of course pricing depends on what you want but we don’t do budget. We stick to a higher end quality product that we would also distribute so it needs to reach a set standard to have real commercial appeal and value.

How To Get Started:
* Decide what you want to demnstrate and teach
* Plan your film shoot session (1 hour sessions at a time)
* Rehearse with your partners - look your best
* Design your logo and images you want for transitions
* Decide on what titles you will need to introduce tenchinques

Your Video Production will flow as follows:
* Action intro
* Overview
* Core content
* Summary
* Preview of other videos
* Credits - Your School - Website Details

Call for a consultation on how to plan your video 03 8601 1124

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