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Here are some useful links to pages and websites services below from our preferred partners:

Martial Arts Instructor courses that tick all the boxes - price / content / recognition / start anytime from anywhere

Where creating a website is easy and cost effective and comes with stacks of value added. Ask us about out 3D Logo Design and Promo Video Services.

This is the place to go create your own video master piece either as an instructional or promotional video or a TV program

Right here you can watch hundreds of action martial arts videos for free. Interviews with Masters, Tournament / Fight Show Action and our TV Programs

One of the most exciting action reality tv programs to date where you enter a competition and win a movie contract and fly to Hollywood. Yes you want to know more, click through.

This is the Peak Industry Body that has a multitude of services including: Student fee collection billing services, instructor courses, website design, video production, business mentoring and much more.

This is one of the most popular sites that specialises in martial arts insurance. As they say best prices and policy wording. If you are looking for a specific policy for karate, muay thai, taekwondo, kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, boxing or any other martial art / combat sport you can select from one of the websites below

The original peak body for martial arts in Australia starting off as the International Karate Alliance. Many of the serives you will find in Martial Arts Australia with more service for other countries.

The new martial arts university that has a course for all styles. Finally a place where some of the greatest masters have come together (Richard Norton, Mike Stone & More) to share their knowledge and techniques.

IMACC - International Martial Arts Coaching Council - Finally a place to judge the global standard of martial arts belts & gradings for every style. Check out the worldwide martial arts/gym directory and add your club!


For those looking specifically for Karate Insurance go here - www.karateinsurance.com.au

For those looking specifically for Muay Thai Insurance go here - www.muaythaiinsurance.com.au

For those looking specifically for Taekwondo Insurance go here -www.taekwondoinsurance.com.au

For those looking specifically for Kickboxing Insurance go here - www.kickboxinginsurance.com.au

For those looking specifically for Mixed Martial Arts Insurance go here - www.mmainsurance.com.au

For those looking specifically for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance go here - www.bjjinsurance

For those looking specifically for Boxing Insurance go here - www.boxinginsurance.com.au

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