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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

Film Your Event - Get More Bums On Seats

Covering Events Live (broadcasting around the globe is available under an on demand basis).

We need at least 4 weeks notice to plan an event film shoot (up to 4 cameras) ideal for fight shows and tournaments.

Costs depend on the location, the amount of cameras required etc so please submit your requirements and we will quote it for you. We can also offer you one of our Presenters to really give you event the Show Biz appeal.

Promoters who want their event to reach more people and have greater appeal will love to broadcast their show. The attraction of telling your fighters, fans and sponsors that your events can now go live and be broadcast around the world across the internet will get them pumped.

If you are an Instructor wanting to share your knowledge around the world through a virtual classroom style video we can easily create it and add more revenue streams. We have an existing audience that we can promote your footage through our extensive network. Viewers mean dollars to you and every time your event or instructional class is played you could be paid.

Cover Events – If the timing is right and we have the crew available we will cover events including all the highlights for free (we film for a 2 hour maximum), you just pay for the edit / producing. If you would like to pay coverage we will stay longer and produce more videos of the event into various formats for smartphones, tablets, TV, internet and on DVD.

















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