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ANTHONY KELLY - 'Black Ninja' on Kapow TV Live, the Guy who sets all the challenges for Guests and the audience.


Anthony Kelly is a ‘once-in-a-generation’ man. He’s a martial arts expert, a reaction trainer, a Government-accredited sports coach and an experienced television personality, but above all, he is a true leader, and with belief, dedication, passion and effort, you too can achieve everything you want to achieve.

Born and raised in Armidale, in northern New South Wales (approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane), young Anthony became interested in martial arts at a young age. After watching Muhammad Ali fight for real and Bruce Lee fight in the movies, his thinking being that not only would he be able to fight and therefore protect himself, but also most importantly, he would be the coolest kid in school!

From those humble beginnings, Anthony’s passion and dedication to his craft has enabled him to travel through Europe, America and the Far East setting and breaking incredible world records, earning black belts in a quite remarkable nine martial arts disciplines, and becoming known, worldwide, as having the fastest reflexes on the planet – a unique gift which he regularly puts to use as the finest reaction training coach in the world – having been a key figure in the development of the discipline, teaching world-class athletes to improve both physically and mentally, knowing that 1/100th second can be the difference between winning and losing.

To get into the Guinness World Records book once is an exceptional achievement. Twice, and you start to get noticed and talked about as a high-end achiever, but to have been in the world’s best-selling and most famous book with five current world records, you instantly attain ‘legendary’ status, and Anthony Kelly epitomises the unique bond shared by all holders of spears Guinness World Records – through years of hard work, dedication, passion and a genuine belief that you are the best that you can be – you can reach the top and stay there, and that’s exactly what Anthony has done.

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