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Frequently Asked Questions - Action Star Competition



Who can enter?

  • Action Star 2016 is offering 4 divisions including Adult Male & Female divisions (18 Yrs+) and Junior Male & Female divisions (13-17 Yrs) The age you are in 2016 is how to gauge which division is appropriate.
  • You do not need to have been an AMAC competitor to compete in the Action Star events as this is a stand-alone event and is open to all members of the public. Performers who have an acting and or action performing background or some training from a performing arts background can also enter as this is an open style competition audition

What are you looking for in my performance?

  • Great question! Please see the section on ‘Judging Criteria’. This includes the 5 Overarching judging criteria as provided by our chief judges and the performer’s rules which come from the AMAC demonstrations rules.
  • We want to see what you have to offer the action film industry which can include for example:
  • A choreographed fight action scene with you as the “LEAD” and up to 4 other support actors as part of your team. Only one person would be the star and potential winner however your team can enter multiple times with different participants being the actual “LEAD” actor.
  • You performing as a single person performing a martial arts form or weapons demonstration.
  • You could perform a blend of singular performance and then add addition actors for a fight scene.
  • Your performance may also include some singing, dancing, comedy or other stunt demonstration to show your overall talents. If you want to use a sound system you would need to supply your own system and be cued ready to go at the start of your performance. You may choose to have someone to assist with this this (they do not count as part of your team)
  • Your performance has a time limit of 3 minutes

Can we use any props to support the act?

  • Yes you can use props within reason; as long as nothing has the potential to damage the competition/stage surface as they are rubberised jigsaw mats and could be damaged by weapons or other materials such as rough shoes. Hence no shoes are allowed on the mats in accordance with the AMAC demonstration rules (See rules under “Xtreme Forms Events” Section 6.2) located at WMAC Rules
  • As safety is also paramount you must not lose control of any weapons or props during the performance (See rules)
  • You may also use items such as music and costume/makeup to support the story of your performance, so dress up if you want to look the part!
  • You are not permitted to use specialist lighting or additional ambience materials such as a smoke/fog or bubble machine.

Who will be judging the events?

  • State events will be judged by AMAC officials who have been training in all aspects of the rules including the specific Action Star 5 judging criteria.
  • The National event in December will also include specialist talent scouts who work in the film industry who currently work with the who’s who of the film industry in Australia and Internationally including Hollywood. They will be the “Chief Judges” at the National event.
  • You will be performing in front of movie industry subject matter experts who do this as their living and have the experience, the connections and are looking for top talent, so bring your “A” game as this is the REAL THING!

Will we be given any coaching or tips?

  • At the National event there will be a special “Action Star Workshop” exclusive to performers where you will be given performance tips and tricks to enhance the potential for your success. We want and need to see you at your best and you will have the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from the best in the business. This workshop is a closed door session where you will learn trade secrets direct from the Chief Judges.

Can I film my performance?

  • Yes you can ask a member of your family or some of your supporters to film as long as they don’t interfere with the professional teams whose job it is to film the events for the Reality TV series.
  • Your family/friends will need to stay well clear of the competition floor during your performance whilst they film in accordance with competition rules and in the interest of safety
  • We also want you to offer you the opportunity to build your profile. Therefore as part of the Reality TV series we want you to film yourself and bring us your video of you preparing, being nervous, practicing your performance at home or in a studio/park/wherever, preparing your “Star’s” dinner or talking with your supporters and the audience about your experiences.
  • We want you to share with the world what life is like as you prepare to become an Action Star! There will be additional prizes for the best clips which we receive. They can be loaded onto YouTube and then the top performers and their clips will feature as part of the Reality TV series materials
  • So please start filming as soon as you enter at State or Nationals and help us develop your true Star Profile!

What does my entry fee cover?

  • Your entry fees at both State and National level covers you and your team (team member names will need to be supplied prior to competition) entry to the event including 1 day entry at State level and 2 day entry at National level.
  • Your fees also cover you and your team’s entry to the Action Star Workshop at the National event in December
  • Your entry fees do NOT cover members of your support team such as someone running your music system or family members/entourage as they will be spectators….you’re not a Star yet!... When you become a Star you can bring an entourage.

What can I win?

  • There are prizes on offer for all competitors and we suggest you keep reviewing the Prize pool as it will grow (but will definitely not shrink) as additional sponsors ask to be part of the events.

What is the schedule for the December Finals?

  • You will need to plan for this as a 2 day event
  • The planned schedule is as follows and may be updated as the event draws closer:
  • Saturday December 3
  • 8:30 am registrations
  • 10 am Action Star Workshop
  • 11am – 12:30pm Photo and Video Portfolio Filming in separate studio
  • 1pm – 4 pm Preliminary Competition Auditions
  • Sunday December 4 –
  • 9 am Finalists registration
  • 10 am Final briefing and best wishes from the Head Judge
  • 11am - 12:30 pm Competition Finals (Top 5 in each division)
  • 1 pm 2016 Action Stars are announced
  • 2 pm Star photo opportunities and interviews for the Reality TV series 


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