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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

What can we say about Kapow TV is more than a TV series, its a production company and multi media marketing company. We have created a number of videos from our RAW Series (old series), our LIVE Series (our latest stage performances) our travel docos and our instructional series. We think our martial arts and actions sports variety show with multiple segments covering everything from Interviews with Masters, Movie & Product Reviews, What’s New, Covering Events (fight shows / tournaments / seminars / expos) is the most entertaining.

We call it giving you the right fix of action, education and entertainment from around the globe. Presenters Richard Norton, Graham Slater, Jackson Raine, Anthony Kelly and Judy Green have been hard at it pulling together numerous interviews and covering events for the first series.

Kapow TV has just completed it’s first Live Audience film shoot with guest coming into our Melbourne Studio to be interviewed and do a performance. The fun doesn’t stop there we also put them through our ‘black ninja challenges’ which is also open to the audience to participate. The studio / theatre for each show is set in two sections our Saturday Night Live style lounge setting (think ‘Graham Norton Show’) which interchanges with a master’s panel Q & A that covers current topical subjects. The main performance area is set up like ‘Top Gear’ with the audience up close and personal with Presenters and Guests so they don’t miss any of the action. The program runs seamlessly flowing from one area to the other and also incorporates pre-recorded stories from tournaments / fight shows / expos / workshops gathered by our on location team.

The latest series has actually been in production for over four years accumulating stories from around the globe including UK, USA, Malaysia, Thailand and of course Australia. We have a few more stories to create before we put together each show and complete the series. The big decision is distribution and funding to take the series to the next level. There are plenty of people that want to see the series based upon the feedback we are getting and our existing audiences following our online TV Channels, social media and Martial Arts Australia members. We are also thankful for those companies that have pledge sponsorship / advertising support and of course Martial Arts Australia for funding it to this point.

If you would like to support us and see more stories first of all check out our Pay-Per-View TV Channel and watch our videos (movies / TV shows / fight shows / tournaments / how to videos). Every time you watch a video we make money to make more stories.

Check the team from the early Kapow TV - RAW (Interactive Martial Arts TV).

Sponsor / Advertisers we have some very attractive packages guaranteed to get your product / brand in front of your target market with maximum impact.







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