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Hardest Hitting Martial Arts Show

Kapow TV Productions

Kapow TV Productions has its studio Melbourne, Australia where they produce the show but they also create instructional videos and cover live events, (some of the events covered – Australian Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu AFBJJ, Pan Pacific Tournaments, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Australia’s Tournaments BJJA, Australian Karate Federation Nationals AKF, Australian Kyokushinkai Karate Association Nationals AKKA, National All Styles Tournament NAS, Martial Arts Expo UK, Martial Arts Expo Brisbane, Wushu & Tai Chi Practitioners Association Nationals WTPA, Lion Bushido Karate Tournaments, World Martial Arts Games to mention a few).


See our Services page for details on production costs for martial arts instructional DVDs / Videos, Event coverage

Many Instructors would love to have their own range of instructional titles but don’t know how to go about. We make that process much easier and cost effective but more importantly help distribute the product on the world market. Distribution has changed dramatically for the best as we don’t just consider DVD / Blu-ray we include each full title on the web under a pay-per-view system along with bite size pieces idea for mobile viewing and downloading.

We have a special package to create your martial arts instructional videos in the qucikest time frame at the right price.


Covering events increases the attendance of participants in both competitors and spectators as everyone wants to get on TV. Get the Kapow TV Team to either do a quick news brief story or full coverage of the entire show as a commercial product.

The best commercial method of filming an event is for us to capture the morning’s action and have that on sale (DVD) in the afternoon by doing a live switch edit and burning pre-printed DVDs. In late afternoon we could have another 2 hours of event on a second DVD. We would also be uploading it online for a delayed live broadcast ready to view on our PPV system syndicated around the globe.

If you are looking for something a little different as it green screen backdrop to insert your own dream location, we can do it. It is only limited by your imagination.

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